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The goal of strategic management can be summed up in one word – ANTICIPATE. The trained issues manager can anticipate trends, perceive consequences, and discern creative ways to integrate new opportunities.  Our 15 strategic skills empower the strategic manager to mitigate risk and return an organization to stability.

Strategic management is built on three foundational skills:

  1. See Clearly: The leader has a 360 degree perspective to identify risks before they become problems.
  2. Act Strategically: Creating and implementing a plan that defines success and has clear and achievable goals.
  3. Solve Creatively: Confidence to consider solutions that lie outside of established parameters.

Massey Powell consults with organizations to define issues, create strategy and assess resources. We also deliver presentations on the concept of strategic management to align key stakeholders and we train leaders and aspiring leaders to master and apply strategic management skills.

Dennis M. Powell

About Dennis M. Powell

Dennis M. Powell is a consultant, thought leader, opinion contributor and author. In his work with organizations over the past 30 years he observed that many were unprepared to manage disruptive issues effectively, because  they lacked adequately trained leaders who possess the skill to frame issues, develop strategy, align resources, control the narrative and establish tactical agility. His book addresses this need in an easy to understand format and he uses the book to train strategic management leaders and teams. 

Leading from the Top: Presidential Lessons in Issues Management, examines one issue managed by each of the last 15 presidents. Each chapter provides an historical narrative to put the issue into context before presenting each president’s strategy for addressing the issue. Each chapter ends with lessons than can be learned and applied from the actions taken.

Mr. Powell has shared his expertise and insights with national and statewide organizations as a speaker on issues management leadership.  He is an opinion contributor at The Hill, InsideSources, (syndicated nationally) and The Messenger. His opinion pieces focus on political and social trends that shape issues. He has also hosted a nationally syndicated radio program on leadership.

Why Strategic Management Training?

The simple answer is it makes your organization more agile and aligned. A Deloitte study found that organizations with strong learning cultures had employee retention rates 30% – 50% higher. LinkedIn Learning Report in 2022 found 87% saw training as helping an organization adapt to change, 74% believe it should be cross-functional and 72% agree that it is a strategic investment. Helping employees grow professionally is a key challenge for many organizations. Our training modules can be be integrated into existing leadership training or adopted as your training program to improve employee performance and enhance employee satisfaction.

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