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In today’s challenging landscape, strategic leadership in issues management is more crucial than ever.  Issues have become more difficult to manage because of the speed at which information moves.  Carefully selecting and training a leader and developing a team that possesses the skills needed to deliver the solutions your organization demands is now necessary for achieving successful outcomes. 

Massey Powell trains leaders and aspiring leaders to master the 15 next level skills required to manage issues successfully by equipping them with the tools and practical knowledge needed to approach issues strategically and align resources effectively.

Dennis M. Powell

About Dennis M. Powell

Dennis M. Powell is a consultant, thought leader, opinion contributor and author. In his work with organizations over the past 30 years he observed that most were unprepared to manage disruptive issues effectively, because  they lacked leaders with highly developed issues management skills. These are the skills used to frame issues, develop strategy, align resources, control the narrative and establish tactical agility, so he wrote a book to present these skills in an easy to understand format and use the book to train leaders. 

Leading from the Top: Presidential Lessons in Issues Management, examines one issue managed by each of the last 15 presidents and assesses management success or failure through the lens of issues management consulting best practices. It then provides 10 – 15 lessons a leader can learn from the historical narrative presented in each chapter.

Mr. Powell has shared his expertise and insights with national and statewide organizations as a speaker on issues management leadership.  He is an opinion contributor at The Messenger, The Hill and InsideSources where he focuses on political and social trends that shape issues, and he has hosted a nationally syndicated radio program on leadership.

Why Choose Issues Management Leadership Training

The skills that differentiate a leader are the vision to comprehend the big picture and the ability to manage internal, external, and political risks simultaneously. These are not the skills taught in an MBA program or acquired by doing your job well. They can only be acquired through leadership training. Our programs use directed discovery to provide participants with fresh perspectives and new approaches to issues management leadership utilizing formats that will engage and challenge even the most seasoned leader.

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