Strategic Management Services

Our services are built on 30 years of experience helping organizations manage complex issues. Our consulting positions an organization to be successful.  Our presentations help to focus and align key stakeholders. Our workshops bolster the skills of established leaders and our training introduces strategic issues management to aspiring leaders.

Audience Listening To Presentation


Presentations are 30 – 75 minute programs that provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts and rationale for strategic management. Programs can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Our current presentations include:

  1. Leading from the Top:  Here we provide an overview of lessons learned from the 15 presidents examined in the book.  This talk is a great leadership primer and also appropriate for client engagement, retention and appreciation events.
  2. The 15 Strategic Leadership Skills: This is a deep dive into the skills of the strategic manager. This presentation uses current events to bolster understanding of how these skills are applied.  The program is designed for established and aspiring leaders.
  3. The 360 Degree Leader:  This is a presentation for senior leaders that looks at 15 factors that can create disruption for an organization. It focuses on how the leader anticipates risks and defines opportunities that these factors can produce.

We present to Boards of Directors, senior management teams and key stakeholders at corporations, industry and trade associations, chambers of commerce, professional groups, and nonprofit organizations.

Speaking engagement fees are scaled for corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations.  Most speaking engagements require the purchase my book.


Workshops are designed to introduce new skills and approaches to established leaders by providing a deep dive into strategic management. They go much deeper than presentations and involve more hands on work for participants.

Leaders will complete exercises, using case studies created around current events, in issue framing, strategy development, resource assessment, and team building. These activities help leaders to test their current skills and assess their current capabilities.

Programs are designed in 3 hour modules that explore our 15 strategic issues management skills and factors that create issues.  Modules are customizable based on your needs and desired outcomes. 


Training programs introduce aspiring leaders to foundational strategic  management concepts and our 15 strategic issues management skills. 

We use directed discovery and case studies to help participants learn and apply knowledge to current event in order to learn strategic leadership, goal setting, and team building.

Participants will individually manage an assigned issue, and as part of a team, develop an action plan of action to manage it. Plans will be evaluated based on best practices in issues management.

There are currently 20 training modules available built around foundational and strategic skills that can be purchased individually or as a program.

A Large Crowd Of People


As consultants we assist organizations through the initial stages of disruption when they are most prone to take action before the problem is accurately framed seeking a quick fix.  We concentrate on helping the client to integrate the 15 strategic skills into a workable plan of action.

Our consulting starts with three questions:

  1. What can the client control?
  2. What can the client influence?
  3. What can the client neither control nor influence?

Our engagements are typically short-term focusing on getting the client to the starting line with the problem clearly defined and the organization operationally aligned by having well-defined goals and an integrated strategy for achieving them.

Consulting is billed at an hourly rate off a monthly retainer.  Most contracts contain a fixed initial term of service with extensions subject to termination with 30 days notice provided by either party.