Inadequate Resource Assessment – Migrant Crisis

February 2, 2024

Goals and resources must align in issues management. This assessment is done at the planning/framing stage of the process. When resources are not accurately assessed the result is bigger issues are created.

  1. Set Positive Goals: The positive narrative of the migrant issue is there will be more workers to do lower level jobs and people are being saved from oppression. These goals need to be measured against internal capabilities as a best practice to understand what stands in the way.
  2. Assess Obstacles: Integrating 6-8 million people from over 150 countries is a very complex and difficult thing to do successfully. What should have been assessed includes: Are local budgets sufficient to provide needed services? Do schools have adequate resources to educate widely diverse populations? Do communities have the capacity to house and feed? Is the health care system adequately staffed and resourced? Are there public health issues to consider? Is law enforcement positioned to maintain order? These are the kinds of questions that must be asked at the front end not managed when the issue grows into a crisis.

Train to assess events through the lens of issues management strategy. Follow the link to my book to get the foundation you will need to become a strategic issues manager.