Issues Management Lesson from the Border

January 5, 2024

In my book, one of the key strategic issues management skills listed is controlling the narrative. What is happening at our the southern border underscores that each of the 15 strategic skills is interrelated and no skill can be effective when used alone.

The current messaging about the border is to avoid calling the situation a crisis. This is at odds what people are seeing in reporting and experiencing in many major cities. This is creating problems controlling the narrative, because three steps were missed:

FRAMING: The border issue/problem has not been effectively framed so that the public can understand it. There can be no support without first achieving understanding. The narrative should directly link to framing.

GOALS: Compounding the issues created by lack of farming is achievable goals have not been established. Goals create the cadence for the narrative and build momentum behind actions.

STRATEGY: This is the roadmap to get where you are going. It cannot exist without proper framing of the issue and specific attainable goals. A narrative is no substitute for strategy because it has no foundation.

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