Lessons from the Philadelphia Eagles Collapse

January 17, 2024

The late season collapse of the Eagles teaches two valuable lessons in issues management. After a 10-1 start to the season they managed to win only one their final six games and were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round.

ISSUES DON’T SELF-RESOLVE: After impressive wins against the Dolphins, Cowboys, Chiefs and Bills in mid-season the team lost its way and never recovered. As an issues manager never assume that poor team performance will resolve itself. An organization must be constantly monitored and assumptions challenged because change is the constant in issues management. When managing performance issues suggesting even a few small changes sends the message that the leader is on top of the matter and committed to resolving it. This changes attitudes and positive attitudes help restore high performance.

WINNING CULTURE IS DIFFERENT THAN WINNING: Winning is often a false positive reading, because organizations that are experiencing success may let down their guard. Organizations focused only on winning can unravel quickly when faced with prolonged adversity. Organizations with strong cultures are better positioned to overcome adversity because they are more resilient and work better together as a team with shared values and goals.