Haley’s Gambit Played – Now What?

March 6, 2024

We have blogged about Nikki Haley’s gambit to stay in the race and create leverage. Let’s look at what happens after you have played your hand:

  1. Lose-win or lose-lose. After you have leveraged your play the key is to correctly assess the strength of your positioning. You will still have time to fold your hand, but this must be done quickly or you will run the risk of losing it all.
  2. Power or Bluff: You will need to be crystal clear on what you can control and/or influence and what you cannot control. Leveraging something you cannot control will result in a loss.
  3. The Other Player: You are not the only one at the table and others are assessing whether or not you are equipped to deliver on your threats or your promises. They also have cards to play, so your first move must be the right move.

You can apply these lessons to the 15 presidents I cover in my book: Leading from the Top: Presidential Lessons in Issues Management.