When External Events Disrupt

March 1, 2024

The invasion of Gaza by Israel in response to the Hamas massacre of Israelis October 7th happened half a world away and was not a result of any action taken by President Biden, but it has disrupted his presidency and there are lessons to learn:

  1. A 360 degree strategic manager has to “game out” big events to identify risks before they become become problems or even crises.
  2. President Biden could not control the narrative because he could not control events on the ground as his supporters quickly divided on the issue.
  3. President Biden faced a choice between supporting Israeli security needs or avoiding a humanitarian disaster in Gaza. There is no apparent “win-win” or “lose-win” option as either choice presents risks.

External events can quickly derail your plans and force you to act. They present one of the greatest challenges for a strategic manager because of your lack of direct control of events on the ground. This is one of the case studies we use in our training.