Learn Strategic Leadership

February 21, 2024

Based on my book, I have prepared three presentations that you may find useful to augment internal training, customer/client engagement or leadership development:

PRESENTATION #1 – Presidential Lessons: This program looks at the lessons learned from the 15 presidents we examine in the book. This is perfect for customer/client engagement or appreciation/retention events as it provides lots of “cocktail talk” to those who attend.

PRESENTATION #2 – Fifteen Strategic Skills: This program does a deep dive into the skills needed for strategic issues management leadership and uses lessons from the book and from current events to bolster understanding to facilitate application. This program helps both established and aspiring leaders.

PRESENTATION #3 – The 360 Degree Leader: This program does a deep dive into 13 factors, both internal and external, that can disrupt an organization by creating risks and should be monitored to identify opportunities. It uses lessons from the book, but relies more on current events to examine each factor using real time events. This program is designed to help senior leaders and managers.